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Project Description

IRAN 2019
Iran is probably the most misinterpreted country in our media. Almost all the news we read and hear about the country is of a negative tone. The country is not what the media is made up of. It is a country with immensely beautiful people and culture. The landscape can be harsh but the ride will be rewarding.

Iran will change the way you view the world and the media. Iran will show you what beautiful people are like. This is a trip where we will rough and laugh. This is a trip where we will have countless cups of teas and visit some of the most beautiful mosques in the world.

About 8 till 5 daily at an easy pace seems like a good way to organise the ride. A compulsory rest day after every few looks logical. The tour will be tailored with the fitness of our cyclists as a primary concern. We ride the pace of the slowest on this self-supported trip.

We will need to camp and sleep in a tent. Our Guide will cook your meal(s) and we will most probably need your hands to perform simple tasks like stirring pasta so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot.

We are able to kit you a well maintained bike and two pieces of 24L waterproof pannier. Talk to us to register your interest early! Tents and cooking pots are part of the package. We have to start planning soon for the ~14-18days unsupported trip!