IRAN 2019 Iran is probably the most misinterpreted country in our media. Almost all the news we read and hear about the country is of a negative tone. The country is not what the media is made up of. It is a country with immensely beautiful people and culture. The landscape can be harsh but [...]



AUSTRALIA 9D8N The roads around Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia are well paved and maintained. Roads are long, straight and very flat. To some people, the rather quiet environment is boring. To some, the tranquillity is alluring. You enjoy riding a relaxed pace on a good flat road for hours a day and [...]



Jemaluang is a tiny little town about 20km south of Mersing. Most of us have heard of the latter. Not many of us would have heard of the former as it is a town that would never sound interesting to the tourism authority. The town does not really allure when you look at it from [...]



SINGAPORE Our local rides are by appointment only and we depart with a minimum of 2 persons. We start at about 0730am and we try to be back at the starting point by 1500pm. Our local rides are part social and part ride and it is a good way to find out for yourself if [...]