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Headwind is wind coming at you against your direction of travel. A gentle headwind slows a cyclist down while a stronger one gets particles into one’s eyes and layers one’s glossy lips. A nasty one may even dislodge a moving cyclist from his or her bicycle! The name No Head Wind Please sums up with reality and humour, a situation that a cyclist won’t really fancy.

The company organizes comfortable family-friendly tours that come with support vehicles. It also offers expedition-style ones where motorized support is replaced with panniers. The latter is for the adventurous and requires detailed planning and preparation and months of groundwork.

No Head Wind Please Pte. Ltd. gladly customizes tours and believes in a small Guide-Client ratio so that the attention given to each is not diluted. The ratios for expedition and customized tours depend on geographical and logistical factors.

The company believes that touring with our Guide is a relationship and it will take you through a process of pre-trip briefing and preparation as well as a range of customized training trips where necessary, and riding beside you on the actual tour.


You are ready for our tours if you are cool enough to smile at events that unfold outside your comfort zone.


We select our Guides very carefully as we understand that they are the key to make or break a tour. Our chosen Guides possess a passion to lead, guide and serve.

We don’t have a large pool of them as we want only Guides with an immense amount of experience.

This tiny pool of meticulously selected Guides are seasoned cyclists with multi-month cycle tour experiences across continents. They have cycled through harsh deserts and even high mountain passes in winter.

Our shy (some even cover up their faces) Guides prefer to share their vast cycle-touring experiences face-to-face when they meet up with our clients during the pre-trip briefing and the many tea breaks on the road.

Our Guides join us by invitation only.